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About Me

An educational leader who began a professional career in education in 1994. I am skilled in planning, developing and leading implementation of school improvement initiatives using data-driven decision-making methods. My specialty is helping teachers and administrators understand how to improve intentionality in instruction through the purposeful use of assessments and data. I’ve cultivated a passion for change leadership through my research on curriculum, instruction, and assessment processes that impact student learning. This includes institutional and professional engagement with staff, students, and parents through digital and social technologies, the impact of these technologies and student developmental processes, and the leveraging and integration of digital tools into the learning environment.

Current Experience

Project 1

District Coordinator, Gifted and Talented

Richmond County Public Schools

Project 2

Director, Early Childhood Education

Richmond County Public Schools

Project 2

Director, RHS Academy and Assistant Principal

Rappahannock High School

What I do

Program Roll-outs

Need to sell your initiative? Tell me what you need to roll out. I will design and faciliate a workshop experience that will introduce your new (or stalled) initiative to staff using an engaging, interactive, and enjoyable format. I encourage follow-up visits to facilitate follow-up and follow-through of the initiative to provide direct support to both administrators and teachers.


Do you need someone to provide a presentation to your organization about education? Whether it is a PTA presentation or a full convocation presentation, I have a knack for promoting the relevance of 21st century learning to a crowd of stakeholders.


Do you need a specific job-embedded PD program installed? Sometimes districts fail to address gaps in core instruction before piling on more instructional initiatives. Let me help shore up classroom instruction and assist your administrators in specific strategies for facilitating best practices. Includes initial small-group workshops and follow-up visits to facilitate follow-up and follow-through of the initiative to provide direct support to both administrators and teachers.

PLC help

Bringing a group of people together and calling it a “PLC” does not a PLC make. Allow me to help your teachers and administrators understand the true meaning of Professional Learning Communities and how they can be successfully integrated into daily work.


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 Mr. David Ferguson

I have known Dr. Washington for several years now as a professional in education. He returns calls, meets deadlines, and is innovative and ahead of the curve when it comes to best educational practices. You could ask many people about him and get the same responses of student-driven, dedicated, hardworking, data and goal oriented.

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Philosophy of Education

The great education guru John Dewey once said, "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." I personally believe that the ultimate purpose of the formal education of children is to prepare them for successful adult life. However, we must understand that learning happens when it is organic and framed in the context of meaningful experiences. In this regard, all enterprise (classroom instruction, field trips, assemblies, building layout, policies etc) should support this mission of preparing children for success in their adult lives. The future is uncertain. So, if we cannot predict what will be required of our children in the future for the acquisition of success, then we need to equip them with the skills to analyze, adjust, and adapt. This is why instruction that fosters the development of 21st-century skills is so critical.

Recent Projects

Project 1

The IE Thing

Original school scheduling software tool that manages Intervention and Enrichment (IE) time for secondary schools. Students are able to use an app to select from a menu of daily intervention or enrichment offerings within their school.

Project 2

Comprehensive Remediation

Used longitudinal data for early identification of middle school students who were at high risk of dropping out of high school. Developed a blended instructional approach for getting students at grade level in math and reading by 10th grade. 

Project 2

The Vision Study

Conducted a shared-visioning process for a school division based on the beliefs of students, staff, parents, community members, and school board members. Qualitative data collection and analysis methods were used.

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My Blog

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21st Century Is Not a Program

21st century learning is not a singular “thing” that can be plugged into an existing school environment and used as an easy upgrade to improve existing practice. Learning that teaches children how to think is a process with deep philosophical underpinnings and embraces new findings about how people teach, learn, and get motivated.

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What are Residential Curriculum Goals 

Goals and narratives are perhaps the least appreciated, understood, and often confused components of a residential curriculum. In reviewing the cascade of learning objectives in a curriculum, one starts with an educational priority...

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Presentation: Implementing Intentional Conversations

ntentional conversations, or structured interactions between residents and peer leaders, are increasingly being used as integral components of educational efforts in the residence halls.At the most recent International Convention of ACPA...

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